kind words


Kate is so knowledgeable and, if you are open to it, will always try new techniques to help…I always leave feeling extremely relaxed and in a lot less pain!     – Nicole

My sessions always leave me felling relaxed. My blood pressure generally drops 20 points from the time I come in to the time I leave.     – Larry

I cannot say enough about Kate. Not only is she an extremely talented acupuncturist, she has very helpful and supportive suggestions to help you get through the fertility treatment process and into pregnancy. I credit the birth of my son to Kate. I would highly recommend her to any woman/couple with fertility issues. – CB

I came to IRA after three consecutive miscarriages and reading about the benefits of acupuncture. I thought what did I have to lose, and I gave it a shot! Kate at IRA was great! She explained every step thoroughly, and she always answered all of my questions. She took a genuine interest in me as well, which was very comforting! After the first session, I found out I was pregnant, so I continued to go multiple times to hold on the pregnancy. 9 months later, I have my sweet baby girl!! I’d definitely recommend giving it a try!! – CL

In conjunction with chiropractic care, I was successfully able to manage my pain without medicine or any type of risky procedures. I felt very comfortable with Kate and she sincerely cared about my well-being, pain tolerance, comfort level and overall experience. My appointments were on-time and she showed a genuine interest in how I was managing my pregnancy outside of the sciatic pain. – CW

While seeking a natural, whole health alternative to traditional fertility I with Kate and we discussed my case. I had an instant connection with Kate and felt completely comfortable sharing with her. She was highly informative and personable.  She devised a treatment plan to stop my spotting and stabbing pains. She came up with a regimen just for me. In the first month, I was pain free and not spotting!  I patiently awaited my period, just excited to not have been bleeding the previous two weeks!  To my surprise, and Kate’s, I got pregnant that month!  That period never came!  I am 40 weeks pregnant this week and awaiting the arrival of our 2nd child.  I give God the glory for this conception! I certainly give Kate the credit for getting my body to perform normal function.  I am forever grateful for her clinical excellence and experience, moreover, her friendship! I have shared my experience with so many people and I would highly recommend Kate for any hormonal or reproductive therapy. – JD

Our story is a little different than most. We haven’t been trying to have a baby for a long time, but we knew from the beginning that it was going to be tough for us to conceive and that we would need to do everything we could to create the right environment for a baby to grow. I came to IRA through the recommendation of a friend who had used acupuncture in her successful IVF efforts and through the recommendation of Midwest Fertility. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had tried acupuncture before but I didn’t know how acupuncture could help me specifically with regard to getting pregnant. I am so glad that I tried it! The people at IRA are so welcoming and the whole experience was a good one. Kate specifically was really a partner for me through the fertility process and I felt like she was a key part of my team. Acupuncture helped me to relax when I needed it, and I believe the treatments were key in creating the ideal environment for my embryos to be implanted. When I found out that I was pregnant with twins I was as excited to tell the team at IRA as I was anyone! Now that I am farther along in my pregnancy, I am still coming to IRA to help me manage some of the ups and downs of pregnancy. I would recommend IRA and acupuncture to anyone that wants to supplement the other things they are doing to increase their odds of getting pregnant. It’s something that women can do both for themselves and their future babies. – SL

I started my journey with Kate after struggling for quite some time with unexplained infertility, and their all around care has gotten me a beautiful, easy pregnancy.  Their experience and recommendations are evidence based and work with real life.  From struggles, to symptom relief, to explanations they easily exceeded all my needs.  It’s like having a friend help you through it all with specialized care and knowledge sharing. Our journey took us all the way to IVF after four and a half years with no signs of pregnancy.  I credit prayers and acupuncture with Kate with the high quality embryo we had (3AA!) , and providing me the stress relief to handle it all. My first trimester was the easiest I’ve ever heard of, which I deeply believe had to do with continuing my treatments.  Once I was safely on my way, I got to know their massage therapist as well.  I have so much trust in the entire team, and love how specialized and passionate they are about their field.  I wouldn’t go through this without them! –JS

I have been working with Kate for over a year through 2 fresh and 1frozen IVF cycles. I wanted to do everything in my power to make my IVF cycle a success. While I was initially skeptical of acupuncture, I’m so glad I made that call. I feel blessed to have had Kate as a support and resource throughout my infertility journey. Kate is a skilled and knowledgeable acupuncturist who takes great care and time to assess my symptoms and develop a treatment plan. Her kindness, sensitivity, and expertisewere a huge support during my struggle to become pregnant and continue to be now that I’m expecting my first child. I can’t thank her enough! – EH



I very much enjoyed the class on Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Kate Downes did a great job of condensing a complex subject into language appropriate for novices. I would definitely take another class led by Kate. I also hope to try a few more Trade School classes in future.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kate’s Spring TCM presentation and the tastings she provided. Good introduction to a complex subject & well organized. Thank you!

Excellent instruction and in-depth course content. Kate really knows the topic well and the program was very well developed and delivered. She packed an incredible amount of content into those 2 hours but kept it very entertaining. I look forward to attending more classes taught by Kate.

Kate was a wonderful teacher. I am really excited to look more into chinese medicine. I would love for her to do one each season. It was a perfect amount of sharing from the food to tea to the acupuncture and what I think all trade school classes should be like – full of openness and generosity! I hope she found value in sharing and will continue to share with us!!!

The Winter Wellness class with Kate Downes was fantastic! She did a great job introducing the topics for newbies and expanding knowledge for those more experienced, without losing the newbies or boring the experienced. The interaction was great – from the food samples to the acupressure and acupuncture. It was a fairly sizable class, and she engaged everyone. Would love to attend more of her classes – she was fantastic! Many thanks for such a high quality class!

I loved the Winter Wellness Chinese Medicine class I took. I practice reiki and I’ve done some work with acupressure points. I’ve dabbled a bit with herbal stuff but nothing serious. I’ve always been curious about acupuncture and how it works so I really appreciated this opportunity to try it.

This is now my second Trade School class and it was, as was the first one, perfect! The information was presented well, the teacher was engaging, the material was well organized, the class size was good – you guys really run a great program. Thank you!!!



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