The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer

emperorbookHonestly, it has taken me quite a while to read this book. It was recommended to me in a course on cancer that I took in early 2013 and I am still reading it. This fact, however, should not reflect on the quality of the book – it’s excellent. But I am a slow (and distracted) reader and this book is very information-dense. Mukherjee portrays our understanding of cancer biology in such a narrative that it feels like a novel. I’ve come back to this book in 20 page increments over the past two years and pledge to finish it by New Year’s 2016. On an up note, I have watched the entire PBS series based on the book. Highly recommended with a box of Kleenex and note-taking essentials.


Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers

zebrasulcersWhat a great read. I first heard of this book in April 2015 (wish I had sooner) from lecturer Jani White at the Integrative Fertility Symposium. Stress always comes up when talking fertility and Jani very highly recommended this book to anyone who deals with stress and I do as well. Robert Sapolsky brilliantly and hilariously entertains page to page (and when glucocorticoids are a main topic, that’s not an easy task). I learned so much more about why stress is such an issue for our society from reading this book than I have in reading research articles the past few years. And laughed the whole way to boot.

Integrative Strategies for Cancer Patients

isfcpbookIntegrative Strategies for Cancer Patients is a comprehensive wellness guide for cancer patients of all ages. It first began as a guide for staff and families at the Integrative Therapies Program for Children with Cancer (Columbia University Medical Center) and transformed into a reference text for all who wish to combat cancer with a holistic approach. The book covers therapies that patients have found helpful in managing their health from acupressure points and reflexology to yoga and nutrition.


The Tao of Healthy Eating

taoofhealthyeatingForget the fad diets. Eastern dietary therapy is all about eating for YOU. In the Tao of Healthy Eating, Bob Flaws explains the art and science of eating for your constitution and personal ailments in an educational, but easy to understand format. Learn how to pick and combine foods to restore your body to a state of health without juicing 30 lbs of grapefruit.

Kitchen Table Wisdom: An all-time favorite

I first picked up this book in 2009 as an assignment for the very class that turned me on to Chinese medicine. kitchentablewisdomSince then it has stayed with me through countless moves, academic pursuits, health concerns and triumphs, break-ups and new friendships, failures and successes alike. I’ve only read it once cover to cover – I prefer to just flip to a story and revel in whatever wisdom I happen upon for that day. Rachel Naomi Remen, MD writes memories from her life (often complicated by health issues, family troubles, and gawkiness) and her encounters with patients, friends, colleagues that taught her the lessons she shares through her stories. I recommend this book for people going through health challenges (especially cancer treatment), big life changes, those in the medical/healing field, but really for anyone at all. It’s good for a laugh or a cry but best to inspire meaningful reflections on life’s lessons and the human condition.