Our Bodies Are Molded Rivers — Novalis


Tourists taking a boat ride in Wu Zhen

During my last trip to China, I had the opportunity to visit Wu Zhen, a ancient canal village dubbed “Water Town,” as one of our day excursions from Hang Zhou. We walked through a series of houses that have been transformed into miniature museums with attractions like ancient, intricate beds and the popular blue and white fabric that this area is know for. But the main reason for visiting Wu Zhen is to observe the ancient canals. We finished our trip here with a boat ride down the canal for the full experience. It was easy to feel as if you had stepped back in time and I could sense how important these waterways were for the health and prosperity of this town. Continue reading


Be Kind To Your Inner Stove

soupThe New Year prompts many of us to rethink our diets, eat healthier, and lose weight. We forget that January is still winter, a time of hibernation, heartier meals, and rest and relaxation. Choosing good-for-you food over junk is ALWAYS recommended. Chinese medicine practitioners would have you think twice, however, before jumping into the latest grapefruit or raw turnip diet as it could foil your weight-loss plans.

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Got Stress? Try Acupuncture.

We all have stress. It’s an organic part of the human experience. Stress can be very useful to us humans; it drives and motivates us to be our best, stay out of trouble, and get things done. Unfortunately, unmanaged stress can also wreck havoc on our bodies and lead to some pretty serious health concerns. Stress is meant to be short lived, a temporary state that throws us into action to solve a problem. Too many of us, however, find ourselves in a constant, chronic battle with stress. This ongoing, low-grade mental and emotional tension has detrimental effects on our physical bodies. Continue reading