Check, Check, Check: Your Acupuncture Visit To-Do List

Are you ready for your first acupuncture visit? If you identify with the statements below, you’re well on your way to becoming one of those patients that acupuncturists (this one!) just love to rave about.

  1. youreawesomeYou have your new patient forms printed, filled out, and in hand. (Download here)
  2. You’re wearing comfortable clothes that can be rolled up past your knees and elbows or brought gym-type clothes with you to change in to. Try to avoid coming in dresses or other one-piece suits.
  3. You are neither starving nor overfull because you ate a light meal within a few hours of your appointment.
  4. You brought any supplemental information with you that is related to your health concerns such as lab results, blood work, x-rays, MRI reports, other imaging, list of prescription medications, and names of supplements, vitamins, or other herbal products you use.
  5. If you know you are interested in dietary therapy or have digestion-related complaints, you might be bringing a 3-5 day food diary with you including all foods and drinks with amounts and recorded any symptoms throughout the day.
  6. Because you want the best possibly experience, you take a bathroom break, turn your phone off, and take a few minutes to clear your mind before you lay down for your treatment.
  7. After your visit, you relax for the rest of the day or at least lighten your load. Avoid doing strenuous exercise, eating heavy or greasy foods, and take it easy on the alcohol, okay?

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