Kitchen Table Wisdom: An all-time favorite

I first picked up this book in 2009 as an assignment for the very class that turned me on to Chinese medicine. kitchentablewisdomSince then it has stayed with me through countless moves, academic pursuits, health concerns and triumphs, break-ups and new friendships, failures and successes alike. I’ve only read it once cover to cover – I prefer to just flip to a story and revel in whatever wisdom I happen upon for that day. Rachel Naomi Remen, MD writes memories from her life (often complicated by health issues, family troubles, and gawkiness) and her encounters with patients, friends, colleagues that taught her the lessons she shares through her stories. I recommend this book for people going through health challenges (especially cancer treatment), big life changes, those in the medical/healing field, but really for anyone at all. It’s good for a laugh or a cry but best to inspire meaningful reflections on life’s lessons and the human condition.


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