My take on it all:
When I graduated from acupuncture school I knew I wanted to reach out to more people than just those who grace me with their presence at my practice. I love getting to know the people who come for treatment – I get to connect with them as people as well as patients. sunflowersBut I also want to get to know the rest of you out there who are on a mission to turn things around (or keep the good things going) and reclaim your health.

My interest in natural health and wellness began in high school and has continued since. Despite my interest, I never pictured myself working in the health care field until I began studying natural and holistic medicines as an elective course in college. Although Chinese medicine particularly spoke to me, I continue to learn about other healing traditions, both new and old. I have made it my job to bring my personal research to you.

My goal is to be happy, healthy, and wise.
I wish to wholly embody health by adopting positive change, taking the natural route when I can, and finding balance through it all. This is my goal for you, as well.

herbgardenLike most people, I am not a perfect image of health; there is always room for improvement. Sometimes the most entertaining things in life are not so healthy. That doesn’t mean that being healthy can’t be exciting too. And it certainly doesn’t mean that a balanced life equals kale-bedecked sainthood. I do not live by an all-or-nothing standard and I don’t expect my patients to either. Life is too fun to live by limitations– but you can’t enjoy the fun if you’re sick, in pain, or run-down. To embody health is to be able to comfortably do those things you love and gracefully adapt to change – to fall, stand up, learn, heal, grow, repeat.

This is my journey to discover life full of brilliant health, spirited adventure, and endless curiosity.
Won’t you come along?

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